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South Street’s Finest

Stress has been following me around all week with this photo assignment. I find the time frame I have to finish the hardest. I understand photojournalism has deadlines but this is pretty intense. I get really frustrated walking around the city aimlessly looking for visual elements. I sometimes end up not stopping and taking a picture because it doesn’t satisfy my assignment. The good thing is, you would be surprised at the amount of people interested in your photography. I met a really interesting man named Ezekiel Zagar the other day, he owns a music shop on 4th and Lombard and his father is the artist of South Street’s Magic Garden.  We gotEzekiel Zagar, Magic Gardens; South Street to talking and he has worked with artists like Nirvana and the Beastie Boys. Definitely love meeting people like this.  Visit www.philadelphiasmagicgardens.org to see pictures and learn more. It only costs 5 bucks to visit!!


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