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Jamae and JD

This is the start of the second part of my series; documentary portraits of interracial couples. I have a few angles I want to go with this, I’m excited to see what direction it takes. Jamae and JD had love spilling out of them. They were so into each other if I wasn’t talking, I think they might have forgot I was there. They even recently canceled their cable because they realized they entertained themselves more than the TV entertained them!



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Series Work

As many close to me know, skin color has always been a sensitive topic. Coming to Temple I have been exposed to every race and ethnicity under the sun. I love discussing racial issues and learning about others backgrounds and culture. I also love how beautiful women of every color can be. Over the years I have manage to surround myself with friends of every skin tone. Each beautiful, smart and unique. This series is about the power of women and the acceptance between people regardless of how they look. I had so much fun doing this shoot with the body paint. I couldn’t have done this without the support from these women! I’m going to continue on this topic for the remainder of the semester. I also plan on breaking out to portraits of interracial couples so stay tuned!!

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Photo Stitching

CS5’s photomerge is terrible but I managed to get 2 decent panoramas out of it. Photo stitching is kind of fun, I enjoy watching my pictures come together like a puzzle. If anyone has any tips about photomerge please let me know! I want to try this again with more pictures!

ASM Photography ASM Photography

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Inspirational Portrait Techniques

This article gives you 16 techniques to consider when taking a portrait. Although simple, properly white balanced portraits are extremely marketable and consistently desired by consumers, it is encouraged to step out of the box every once and a while. A portrait can capture a person’s mood, personality or lifestyle. Not every portrait is pretty but every portrait has a story to tell. By using the following techniques you can breathe life into any shot.

Here is the link!!


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