A Walk in the Park

Under all the stress of finding a job and starting a business, I haven’t gotten a chance to really enjoy taking pictures just for me. So today, I took my little vintage bike on a ride to the park and brought my camera along. There was no pressure on getting the perfect shot, no stress on setting my camera just right and no reason to rush. I just enjoyed the weather and spend some quality time with my trusty Nikon.

I was feeling old school today so each picture has a different vintage effect.


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A couple months ago I took pictures for Parsons student and friend Nancy Park. Now, the pictures are featured on Vogue Italia under Muuse! Muuse is a website that turns fashion grad student’s lines into produced and worn items.

Link to Vogue feature! http://www.vogue.it/en/talents/blog-from/2011/10/muuse

Link to buy clothes! http://www.muuse.com/#!collections/28-the-human-mind-by-nancy-j.-park




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Siobahn and Tom

Introducing TA Photography!!! A collaboration between myself and Tim Hines. Stay tuned for more!



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Jamae and JD Sacharok








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Graphic Work

I’m not much of a graphic artist but when a teacher gives me an opportunity to try, I’m all over it. I made these for my final project in my marketing class. My teacher gave out silly awards for best ad and my designs won!!

(These were not used except for educational purposes)

Marketing for classMarketing for class

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Rockers! Closet

Back during the school year I did a shoot for 215 magazine. The shoot was for a daring makeover from thrift boutique owner Rebecca Roe. Talia and Confidence got the chance to explore a more vibrant and colorful side of fashion mixing prints textures and accessories I didn’t even think were possible. Please check out the 215 magazine website under style to see the full article written by Passion Rutledge or click  215 Magazine to be taken right to the article!

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So my roommate needed headshots so we went on an adventure and took some! This was the winner.

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