Monday Afternoon Challenge

This week our teacher gave us a list of things to take pictures of downtown.

1. Wet and Wild

2.William Penn from above

3. Fashion

4.Quiet Corner

5. Heard on the Streets

6. Classmate in Action

7.Street Scene


We had to use our own interpretation for some of them and we only had Monday afternoon to complete it. I liked talking to the people in the area one guy was really interested in my work and gave me some useful words. “Just go talk to people, get to know them, they will feel more comfortable.”  Finding a way to get above William Penn legally was hard. Everyone went into the Loews Hotel on 12th and Market. I chose to find a smaller version to be a little different. In case you ever need a picture above Billy Penn there’s a smaller statue on 2nd and Chestnut. I’m not going to label them, you can decide which one is which.


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