A Few Visual Elements of Photography


So my first real photo assignment in class is shooting some visual elements. We have to print and mount 5 pictures. (Side note: I have a strange feeling I am going to be spending A LOT of money for this class.) Mounting is annoying and somewhat old-school. Most photographers just buy a portfolio book to show off their work. It’s definitely easier to lug around as opposed to an armful of 20 mounted pictures. My visual elements for this assignment are; Framing, Converging Lines, Shallow Depth of Field and Texture. Tell me what you think!!

Repetition of Theme


Shallow Depth of Field

Converging Lines



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2 responses to “A Few Visual Elements of Photography

  1. Jean

    Hey. It is your Aunt Jean. I love your photos. They are so pro:-) u have such a talent. Can u take pictures of Old City where our ancestors lived?

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