Well in this case it’s a scan-o-gram because Temple took away all film photography and went digital. Through the whole process I cursed and complained about how this isn’t going to help my photography but in the end my hours of hard work paid off. My professor told me I had the best scan-o-gram he has seen yet. I can’t lie I got a boost of confidence from that.  Scan-o-grams are pretty easy to make if you happen to be feeling creative one day. Just throw a bunch of stuff on a scanner, make it conceptually pretty, and wala! Scan away! The downside of scan-o-grams is they come out a little gray and require some work in photoshop. The original photogram has a little bit more of a process. You place objects on a photo-sensitive material and expose it to light. The product is a well exposed black and white outline of your objects. To view actual photograms done by other people visit

This was my professors favorite. I think it turned out nice, it has depth.

My original idea was "beauty is pain" but after this I just put together whatever looks nice.

I just had fun with this one. I made a little scene with random objects!!


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