A child’s Eyes

Looking into a child’s eyes is like looking at pure natural uninterrupted beauty. These three kids I consider my own and I would do anything for them. They all have the bluest eyes I have ever seen and the cutest little smiles. But don’t let those faces fool you they can be little terrors, in a good way of course. They were actually not terribly uncoroprative when shooting they were little camera hams.

The sun was really bright even in the shade. I had to have them close thier eyes then count to 3 and open them.

Andrew kept giving me goofer faces and would not stop playing with his shrek toy. I got this shot after I stopped trying and just let him play.

Brooke loves her picture taken. She is such a little princess.

Like I said, dont let that angel face fool you!

Baby blue eyes 🙂

love that missing tooth.

I had to tickle him to get that natural laugh.


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