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Frame My HeartRoseLove Out the Window


December 8, 2013 · 2:42 pm


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December 8, 2013 · 2:35 pm

Billboard in Times Square

Interning for Back on My Feet has been beyond rewarding. My experience there goes way beyond an addition to my resume. Everyday was a learning experience, everyday was a new challenge and most importantly everyday they trusted my abilities and creativity. After doing various photography work for them, I was rewarded with the ultimate; my photo in Times Square, NYC. Most photographers will never see this happen and here is my photo right there for thousands to see. The ad was promoting BoMF’s newest chapter opening in NYC. The digital billboard consisted of 2 slides with my photo on the second. Visit their website at to learn more about this thriving non-profit!


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Kayla Mayhew

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Longwood Gardens


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The Alter Egos Of Janise Valentin

Janise and I collaborated for her final photo project at Temple University. Her goal was to actually become the characters and then capture their personality in each photo. We spent hours picking outfits, finding locations and developing each characters unique traits. The result was a hit at the Tyler art gallery.


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